How To Register as a Vendor on Kilimogram

Registering on Kilimogram is quick, easy and hassle-free. Here’s a short guide on how to register as a vendor on Kilimogram.

How to Register as a Vendor with a Desktop

How to Register as a Vendor Via a Mobile Phone

1) Click on “Register as a vendor

2) Fill in your  “Account Details

3) Click “Complete Sign Up

For Better clarification, you can check the “How to Register as a Vendor” videos.

How To Market Your Farm Products and Services on Kilimogram

Having trouble marketing your agricultural products and services? Worry no more! Here a quick guide.

How to Market with a Desktop

How to Market with a Mobile Phone

How to Market on Kilimogram Instructions

1) Click on “Dashboard” (on a PC it’s at the top menu while on a mobile phone it’s at the right drop-down menu)

2) Click on “Add New Product

3) Write your “product’s name

4) Fill in your product’s details

5) Click on “Set Product Image” to add the main image that will be featured on your advert (On a desktop, it is on the right side)

6) You can add extra images by clicking on “Add Media” at the “Product Description”

7) “Preview” to view, then “Publish” to post

For better clarification, you can view the “Market Your Farm Products and Services on Kilimogram” videos.

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