About Us

About KilimoGram – Our Story

Early 2020, three young lads concocted an idea to develop an online hub that gave farmers access to markets, information, and people. They had realized that farmers have a challenging time accessing resources required to grow their agribusiness ventures, and an even more burdensome time getting market for their harvest. KilimoGram was birthed a few months later, with a mission to provide an online marketplace and social network that gives the yearned access to resources.

Why KilimoGram Exists

We love Agriculture. We believe that agriculture should be the backbone of Africa. Our brand is young by age and at heart. It is fabricated on a vision to change the course of Agriculture in Africa. An inspiration to open and organize the food marketing chains that make it challenging for farmers to access the market.

Kilimogram seeks to make information easily accessible through the peer-to-peer network. Accessible in such a way that, any person aspiring to go in agriculture can sign up, find people with similar interests and learn from them and their experiences. Accessible in such a way that a farmer can ask any question or air an agricultural problem he or she might going through for an acquaintance in their network to assist.

About Kilimogram‘s Services

Through Kilimogram, you can;

      1. Advertise your farm products, inputs, and resources
      2. Shop for farm products and resources
      3. Network with farmers of similar interests, and with other stakeholders in agriculture
      4. Create or join groups and forums centered on particular interests.
      5. Connect to the vendor selling the farm product or resource you would like to purchase.

How Kilimogram works

Kilimogram is an all-round agricultural marketplace

1. We connect farmers to businesses that seek to buy farm products, e.g., grocery stores, schools, supermarkets and hotels.
2. We connect farmers to businesses that offer resources required for farming, e.g., farm input providers, farming consultants, storage and insurance providers.
Kilimogram will sort the transportation (at a small fee). So you, the farmer, or the buyer, won’t have to worry how the farm products will reach you.

How We Seek To Influence the World

We seek to enhance food security in Africa by smoothening the chains that farmers and food handlers use to access markets and resources. We will only consider our goals successful when the small-scale dairy farmer in Kiambu, Kenya, gets easy access to credit and animal feed. When the beekeeper in Entebbe, Uganda, has easy market access, and when the apple farmer in Tanga, Tanzania, can find quick transportation and storage for his or her harvest. Anyway, you get the point. Thank you for choosing to work with us on this promising journey.